Traditional furnaces destroy waste, reducing it to fumes and ash, in
some cases generating electricity. The process burns billions of dollars
of resources literally up in smoke.

The Rebel Biorefinery improves waste management and enables Bioproduct manufacturing. Utilizing sophisticated pyrolysis techniques, The Rebel transforms waste into valuable resources and designated feedstocks into proprietary Bioproducts.

The Rebel’s engineering specifications are tailored to accommodate purpose designated feedstocks and Bioproducts. Its flexible operating parameters enable consistent and accurate thermal transformation rates to ensure customizable, high value Bioproducts.

Bioproducts include Biofuels, Biochar, Activated Carbon, Biochemicals, and more, with the ability to provide on-site heat and power. Flexibility is a hallmark of success. As the market evolves, so must you.



Fly Clean.
Drive Green.
Live Lean.

Biomass and the majority of waste streams harbor untapped resources. Effectively refining these materials unlocks vast resources and transforms them into valuable Bioproducts.

The Rebel provides a path away from petroleum, both as a transport fuel and as a source for thousands of products currently using chemical compounds derived from oil.

Transport fuels produced by Rebel Carbon technology and methodologies have the ability to replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuel without post processing or blending at a market cost that does not require subsidies.


Sleep Easy.

There are over 140 different chemical compounds that come from a stick of wood, and a thousand more that can be derived from those. Refining rather than destroying municipal solid waste, recyclables, farm and forest residue, and much more, effectively unlocks vast resources and transforms them into valuable Bioproducts.

By breaking larger compounds into their component parts, these Biochemicals can be harnessed and repurposed into new, more green, and ultimately more valuable products.

Biochar and Activated Carbon

Clean Water.
Better Soil.
Carbon Sequestration.

Organic carbon is clean, renewable, and instrumental in sequestering green house gases. Depending on feedstock and processing parameters, The Rebel can produce a wide range of high value biocarbon.

Biochar is becoming a widely adopted tool in agriculture and animal husbandry. An economically and environmentally sound practice, Biochar improves plant and animal health while reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and very importantly, water, by up to 50%.

The Activated Carbon market is rapidly expanding to meet demands in water and air purification as citizens around the world demand better environmental consideration. Unfortunately, most of today’s AC is coal based, and it requires extensive mining to provide the raw material.

Research in ecofriendly batteries and natural gas transportation can further increase the future markets by 50% or more.

Power Generation

Cheap Power.
Clean Power.
Your Power.

The Rebel powers itself, and it can power so much more. Once the Rebel’s pyrolytic process is engaged, no additional power is needed to operate the reactor, and heat can be diverted to a variety of uses. By adding a generator, The Rebel can generate up to 2.6 MWs per hour for heat and power onsite or distribution to the local grid.

This free power is particularly valuable on island communities, or other locales where electricity prices are high. Sold into the grid it generates millions of dollars in annual revenue without reducing Bioproduct production efficiency.